Top things to do in Palembang

Museum in Palembang

Balaputra Dewa Museum

This excellent museum showcases finds from Sriwijayan times, as well as megalithic carvings from the Pasemah Highlands, including the famous batu gajah (elephant stone). Other worthwhile displays include a rich coll…
Museum in Palembang

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Museum

Along the banks of the Sungai Musi is this museum inside an attractive 19th-century building that incorporates a mix of European and local architectural styles. It was built in 1825 on the site of the palace of Sult…
Street Food in Palembang

Martabak Har Sudirman

A change-up from your typical Indonesia cuisine is this local institution famous for its martabak (fried roti stuffed with egg). Opened by an Indian owner in 1947, this Palembang street-food classic (with a choice o…
Indonesian in Palembang

Pempek Mei Hwa Cinde

Sneakily hidden away down a narrow side street, next to the lively produce market, is this pastel-pink warung that's always busy with locals stocking up on takeway pempek (fishcake made using tapioca). It's a good p…
Indonesian in Palembang

Rumah Makan Pindang Musi Rawas

A short ride northwest of the centre, this nondescript-looking restaurant is locally famous for its pindang patin, a spicy, sour, clear soup with patin fish. Other dishes are also sound ambassadors of southern Sumat…
Sports in Palembang

Bidar Race

Bidar (canoe) races are held on the Sungai Musi in the middle of town every 16 June (Palembang's birthday) and 17 August (Independence Day). A bidar is about 25m long and 1m wide and is powered by up to 60 rowers.
Indonesian in Palembang

Pagi Sore

Palembang cuisine not your bag? Then your taste buds will thank you for this reliable Padang chain standby, where you will be presented with dish upon little dish of spicy, flavourful beef rendang, ayam bakar (spicy…
Pub in Palembang

Black Bulls

One of Palembang's few options for a drink is this fairly uninspired Hard Rock Cafe–style bar in the north of town. It has a stage for live music and long tables for beers (small/large 30,000/67,000Rp), pricey cockt…