Top Choice Cafe in Padangbai

Topi Inn

Juices, shakes and good coffees are served up throughout the day. Breakfasts are big, and whatever is landed by the fishing boats outside the front door during the day is grilled by night. Refill your water bottle h…
International in Padangbai

Ozone Café

This popular travellers' gathering spot has low tables with pillows for lounging. It also has pizza and live music, sometimes by patrons.
Seafood in Padangbai

Depot Segara

Fresh seafood such as barracuda, marlin and snapper, is prepared in a variety of ways at this slightly stylish cafe. Enjoy harbour views from the elevated terrace. In a town where casual is the byword, this is the s…
International in Padangbai

Zen Inn

Burgers and BBQ mains are served in this airy cafe that goes late by local standards – often until 11pm. Lose yourself on the loungers amid vintage movie posters.
Cafe in Padangbai

Colonial Restaurant

This large cafe on the beach strip is the best place to while away time waiting for your boat. Lounge on beanbags, sofas or actual tables and enjoy the harbour view. Food spans the burger–Indo gamut. Diversions incl…