Top Choice Seafood in Padang

Pak Tri’s

The fish and squid are flame-grilled to perfection with a sweet, spicy sambal sauce here. The fresh-every-afternoon marine selection includes shoals of different fish and squid, with a supporting cast of kangkung (w…
Seafood in Padang

Nelayan Restaurant

Great seafood the Chinese way, cold beers and one of the best Padang sunset views at this three-storey establishment. Treat yourself to grilled prawns or pepper crab, but definitely ask the price before you dig in. …
Padang in Padang

Pagi Sore

Padang is the birth mother of the cuisine that migrated across Indonesia. Even though everyone swears that Padang cuisine tastes better outside of Padang, pay homage to the native cooks with a visit to this famous f…
Padang in Padang

Simpang Raya

Renowned across Sumatra, this establishment serves fiery signature Padang dishes.
Padang in Padang

Sari Raso

Pick from a multitude of spicy dishes at this classic Padang joint.
Bakery in Padang

Hoya Bakery

Padang’s go-to spot for freshly baked sweet and savoury goodies. Friendly shop assistants will guide you around the selection before steering you to a colourful table. There are also good burgers, sandwiches and pas…
Steak in Padang

Safari Garden

The menu at this bright, contemporary restaurant is the discerning carnivore’s dream, with tenderloin, T-bone and sirloin dominating the list. The nice cuts of Angus and even Wagyu beef are cooked to specification, …
Indonesian in Padang

Pondok Indah Jaya

This warung is an excellent intro to Padang cuisine, your feast of dishes including spicy tofu, beef rendang, ayam sambal and tempe. Cool the fire in your mouth with some sirsak (soursop), cucumber or mango juice.