Biak Padaido Divers offers diving trips and snorkelling trips all around the islands. Alternatively, you could come out here on a day trip from Kota Biak with Byak Divers Papua.

Top sites include the western end of Pulau Owi, with good coral and big fish; Pulau Rurbas Besar for coral, sharks, turtles and more big fish; and Pulau Wundi, with a cave, a long wall and good coral.

More recently discovered spots include Pulau Pakreki, where white tip and grey reef sharks, batfish and Napoleon wrasse are frequently spotted. A new wall dive off Pulau Mansur Babo is great for schools of barracuda, a variety of reef sharks and lots of coral.


The best snorkelling spots include Pulau Wundi, which has good coral and many fish near the surface, Pulau Rurbas Kecil and Pulau Meoswarek.