Praikundu Ikat Centre

Textiles in Waingapu

This small weaving centre is 2.5km off the main road, sticking to the left fork. Run by Kornelis Ndapakamang, it's hung with some of Sumba's most prized ikat, all naturally dyed with detailed motifs. Kornelis will happily chat in Bahasa Indonesia, explaining how his members are keeping Sumbanese traditions alive. Lengthier ikat workshops available upon request.

There are also three rooms available in the on-site homestay; two doubles and another with two single beds off a sweet communal living and dining space. The cost is 200,000Rp per night, per person. Rooms share a clean squat toilet and mandi. Kornelis' wife cooks traditional meals for 60,000Rp a pop.