Village in Waikabubak

Kampung Tarung

Tarung is home to five tribes, each with their own small, thatched shrine where only the local ratu (priest) is allowed to pray and commune with the marapu. Between October and November Tarung is the scene of an...

International in Waikabubak

D'Sumba Ate

This cool, bamboo restaurant serves up wood-fired pizzas, pasta and burgers alongside the usual Indo suspects.

Cafe in Waikabubak

Al Cafe

Rural Sumba's version of a hip cafe with excellent coffee drinks and well-prepared local dishes at popular prices. Choose from the changing line-up on the blackboard.

Indonesian in Waikabubak

Pondok Daun Ubi

A decent choice beside verdant rice fields, this modern restaurant serves ayam (chicken) in more than 20 ways, as well as beef and seafood Indonesian dishes. Sit on the ground in individual pavilions above murky...

Arts & Crafts in Waikabubak

A Hamid Algadi Art Shop

The owners of this art and souvenir shop appear from nowhere to open up as you arrive. There are wooden antiques, old stone grinders, bronze jewellery and an ikat collection including both brightly beaded and...

Village in Waikabubak

Kampung Prai Klembung

It’s only a short stroll from most hotels to Prai Klembung, a nearby village with hefty concrete-slab tombs in an overgrown but atmospheric setting. Locals will welcome you with a smile. If the opportunity arises...

Village in Waikabubak

Kampung Tambelar

Has very impressive tombs and stone graves, with rows of houses with thatched roofs. Leave a donation of 20,000Rp or 50,000Rp if there are a few of you.

Village in Waikabubak

Kampung Waitabar

It’s only a short stroll from most hotels to Prai Klembung and then up the hill that juts from the centre of town to Tarung and Waitabar. Kampung Waitabar features traditional thatched houses and stone carvings...