Top ChoiceArts & Crafts in Mataram

Lombok Handicraft Centre

At Sayang Sayang (2km north of Cakra), this centre offers a wide range of small shops; look for the arched sign over the narrow road that reads 'Handy Craft'. Browse crafts, including masks, textiles and ceramics...

Top ChoiceMarket in Mataram

Pasar Mandalika

There are no tourists at this vast market near the Mandalika bus terminal in Bertais, but it has everything else: fruit and veggies, fish (fresh and dried), baskets full of colourful, aromatic spices and grains,...

Fashion & Accessories in Labuan Bajo

Magnolia Boutique Komodo

At Labuan Bajo's best fashion store, all pieces are locally made, with some also designed in Flores. There's plenty for the ladies, from linen clothing to contemporary caps made with naturally dyed ikat...

Textiles in Waingapu

Praikundu Ikat Centre

This small weaving centre is 2.5km off the main road, sticking to the left fork. Run by Kornelis Ndapakamang, it's hung with some of Sumba's most prized ikat, all naturally dyed with detailed motifs. Kornelis...

Textiles in Waingapu

Ama Tukang

A series of rooms and houses championing ikat and jewellery, where guests can see everything from motif design to colouring and weaving. The collection features marapu, animals and village scenes – all hung on...

Market in Temkessi

Maubesi Market

Maubesi is home to the Kefa regency’s best textile market. Market day is Thursday, when ikat is displayed beneath tamarind trees, along with produce, animals and pottery. Natural dye is the most prized and pieces...

Market in Kupang

Pasar Inpres

The main market is the rambling Pasar Inpres, south of the city. It's mostly fruit and vegetables, but ti'i langga (lontar-leaf hats with a centre plume) from Rote make an authentic, but novel souvenir. For more...

Music in Oebelo & Oesao


A Rotenese musical-instrument workshop run by Pak Pah and his family, featuring traditional 32-stringed harps called sasandu, crafted from young palm leaf, red wood and bamboo. Now in his 80s, Pak watches over...

Textiles in Alor Archipelago

Sentra Tenun Ikat Gunung Mako

Ten metres off the road beneath some banana trees you'll find Mama Sariat Libana, mother of Alornese ikat, holding court or playing cards. Originally from nearby Ternate Island, she not only supports local...

Arts & Crafts in Soe

Timor Art Shop

If you’re interested in antiques and handicrafts, don't miss this shop that could double as a museum. You’ll find Timor’s best selection of masks, sculpture, hand-spun fabrics and carvings at unbelievable prices....

Textiles in Kupang

Ina Ndao

It's worth seeking out this neighbourhood ikat shop. Textile lovers will be pleased with the wares sourced from across Nusa Tenggara, and you can take home a neat pair of ikat espadrilles. It offers naturally and...

Arts & Crafts in Praya

Dharma Setya

Dharma Setya has an incredible array of handwoven Sasak textiles, including ikat (patterned textiles) and songket (hand woven silver or gold-threaded cloth). You'll need your own wheels to reach it on Jl...

Arts & Crafts in Gili Meno

Art Shop Botol

Art Shop Botol is a large handicrafts stall just south of Kontiki Meno hotel. Choose from masks, Sasak water baskets, wood carvings and gourds. It's run by an elderly shopkeeper with 11 children and countless...

Arts & Crafts in Senggigi

Asmara Collection

A cut above the rest, this store, next to the namesake restaurant, has well-selected tribal art, including richly detailed carvings and textiles from Sumba and Flores.

Mall in Mataram

Lombok Epicentrum Mall

With a cinema, food courts and the full spread of consumer pleasures, this four-floor mall is Lombok's biggest and fanciest.

Clothing in Gili Trawangan


Forgot your favourite frock? Shop for flouncy beachwear at this stylish shop.

Textiles in Baun

Kelompok Tenun Ikat Kai Ne'e

About 20 women are part of this group, who weave using natural dye and are happy to show visitors around, especially if you'd like to make a purchase.

Arts & Crafts in Waikabubak

A Hamid Algadi Art Shop

The owners of this art and souvenir shop appear from nowhere to open up as you arrive. There are wooden antiques, old stone grinders, bronze jewellery and an ikat collection including both brightly beaded and...

Books in Labuan Bajo

Carpe Diem Books & Bijoux

Blink and you'll miss this sweet, second-hand bookshop, which shares a space with a day-trip boat operator. Dive into a blind date with a mystery book wrapped in brown paper or trade pre-loved books for a...

Arts & Crafts in Temkessi

Maubesi Art Shop

Has a terrific selection of local ikat, antique masks and statues, plus carved beams, reliefs and doors from old Timorese homes. Bargaining is acceptable despite price tags. Look for the 'ART SHOP' sign. If it...