Top ChoiceIndonesian in Ende

Sari Rasa

This sparkling-clean, bare-walled restaurant is filled with travellers out for a taste of local food, but who come back for Martin, the charismatic owner and self-appointed 'captain of the boat'. He'll...

Indonesian in Ende

Rumah Makan Roda Baru

Make a stop at this spotless pick-and-mix Padang diner. Fish, chicken and shrimp are fried or grilled and sauced five ways; there's tempeh, egg and fried eggplant for vegetarians; and the beef rendang is locally...

Indonesian in Ende

Depot Se'i Babi Melati Indah

This thatched, open-air dining room specialises in se'i babi, succulent smoked pork hailing from Kupang. Meal deals are 35,000Rp and include pork, white rice, a porky kidney-bean soup and rumpu rampe (stir-fried...

Seafood in Ende

Pasar Malam

At sunset the smell of grilled fish wafts through the air at this beachside market. Browse the many stalls and feast on what looks best. Remember to shop around before settling; a bigger fish equals a bigger price.