Top things to do in Northern & Western Leihitu

Mosque in Northern & Western Leihitu

Mesjid Wapaue

Kaitetu’s pretty little wood and thatch-roofed Mesjid Wapaue was originally built in 1414 on nearby Gunung Wawane. The mosque was supposedly transferred to the present site in 1664 by ‘supernatural powers’. It's rep…
Fortress in Northern & Western Leihitu

Benteng Amsterdam

In Hila, the 1649 Benteng Amsterdam is an impressive, old, walled fort. Though the walls are obviously rebuilt with concrete, the inner tower, with its brick floors and thick walls, is fluttering with resident swall…
Church in Northern & Western Leihitu

Gereja Tua Hila

This photogenic all-wood, thatched Catholic church was built by the Portuguese. It's closed to the public.