Top Choice Seafood in Kota Biak

Warung Makan Barokah

If you like barbecued fish or chicken in a tasty sauce (the secret of which they didn’t want to give away) and served with green veg, rice and sambal, then this eternally popular place is for you. It’s cheap, simple…
Top Choice Indonesian in Danau Sentani

Yougwa Restaurant

Sentani’s most charming dining is on the Yougwa’s breezy wooden terraces over the lake, 13km east of town. Try ikan gabus (snakeskin fish), a tasty lake fish that doesn’t fill your mouth with little bones. Locals al…
Top Choice Indonesian in Jayapura

Resto & Cafe Rumah Laut

This upmarket place, built on stilts above the waters of Jayapura bay, is where locals come when they want to impress. The wide-ranging menu takes in Indonesian classics, a few Chinese options, and fish. Lots of fis…
Chinese in Nabire

Rumah Makan Selera

It looks like a run-of-the-mill Chinese and seafood joint, but when the heaping plate of ayam masak Lombok (a spicy duck dish) arrives, you might just fall out of your chair. Not only do you get basically an entire …
Indonesian in Sentani

Pondokan Bambu

Follow the reggae music into this funky warung bedecked in jungle wall murals on Sentani's main drag. You'll be wowed by the spicy, tender BBQ chicken and refreshing smoothies (yes to the jackfruit!), and an attache…
Indonesian in Kota Biak

Furama Restaurant

Offers cold Guinness and Bintang as well as plenty of good-quality Chinese and Indonesian dishes, including braised frog and stirred papaya flowers. It’s one of the few places in town that actually feels like a prop…
Seafood in Jayapura

Duta Cafe

Open-air and riverfront, Duta Cafe serves up excellent ikan bakar (grilled fish) and offers a lively scene in the evenings.
Indonesian in Jayapura

Waroeng Pojok

Part of a small national chain of cool, comfy restaurants serving classic Javanese cuisine and frothy milkshakes and juices. It makes a delicious change from the endless oily nasi goreng of small-town Papua or the s…