Top things to do

Top Choice Indonesian in Manado


Sparkling cleanliness and true hospitality that's matched by the kitchen shine in this delightful Minahasan restaurant. Go for the cakalang fufu (local smoked tuna), perhaps with sous rica tomat (tomato/chilli samba…
Top Choice Indonesian in Manado

Raja Sate

Rightly renowned for its sate (you can't go wrong with a mixed plate that includes prawns, squid, chicken, beef and goat), Raja Sate also does great curries and even New Zealand steaks; everything is excellent. Air-…
Wildlife Reserve in Bitung

Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue

About 9km southwest of Bitung, Tasikoki is an entirely volunteer-run organisation that rescues and cares for animals confiscated from smugglers. Goals are to rehabilitate the animals and release them back into the w…
Museum in Tomohon

Muesum Pinawetengan

Not just another roadside attraction, this complex of Minahasa houses, history museum, celebration of owls (the Minahasa Regency mascot), weaving workshop, anti-narcotics museum and botanical garden also has on disp…
Beach in Bunaken & Siladen

Pantai Liang

Suffering from erosion and rising sea levels, the beach at Liang has become a svelte, though pleasant, strip of white sand. At low tide, there's still plenty of room to toss a frisbee around. The beach is lined with…
Beach in Bunaken & Siladen

Pantai Pangalisang

Forming much of the east coast of Pulau Bunaken, Pantai Pangalisang is a long stretch of walkable soft white sand tucked between a thick wall of mangroves and the land. Just beyond the thicket is some outrageous sno…
Chinese in Manado

Rumah Makan Green Garden

This popular Indo-Chinese restaurant does excellent pork dishes (try it barbecued or go for the pork belly) and seafood (perhaps crab, plucked live from the tank and served in corn soup, or grouper with salted musta…
Market in Tomohon

Traditional Market

Up the hill east of town is the colourful, chaotic, anything goes traditional market you've probably heard stories about – and those stories are true. Things are most lively in the morning. Vegetarians and those not…
Island in Bunaken & Siladen

Pulau Siladen

Located 3km east of Pulau Bunaken and the smallest island of the archipelago, Siladen boasts wonderful white-sand beaches and a wall of gorgeous corals. All lodging is lined up on the island's west side, looking acr…
Indonesian in Gorontalo

Rumah Makan Sabar

Boasts an attractive colonial-style terrace and is renowned for its delicious nasi kuning (yellow rice) – an excellent way to start your day. Its soups and sambals also hit the spot.