Tourist Information in Tobelo

Kantor Pariwisata Halmahera Utara

An essential depository of information on Halmahera Utara, including diving sites and guides, natural attractions – they can organise a guide to climb Gunung Dukono – and WWII relics. The charming staff speak Englis…
Tourist Information in Kota Ternate

Ternate City Tourist Office

Staff are knowledgeable and will do all they can to help. They can arrange guides for Gamalama hikes. Look for the office signed 'Dinas Pariwisata', opposite the police station.
Bank in Kota Ternate


The only bank to change money: US dollars only, with a minimum US$100 exchange.
Exchange in Kota Ternate

Langang Buana Travel & Tour

Travel agent that changes US dollars at an acceptable rate.
Bank in Soasio


The BNI branch in Soasio. It has an ATM.