North Maluku attractions

Volcano in Gunung Api Gamalama

Gunung Api Gamalama

Gamalama's volcanic cone dominates Ternate, rising to 1721m. Major eruptions in 1775 and 1840 wreaked havoc on the island. Gamalama still spews out lava, ash and smoke periodically, but it is possible to climb the p…
Fort in Kota Ternate

Benteng Tolukko

A tiny, beautifully situated fort surrounded by a vivid tropical garden, Benteng Tolukko was the first Portuguese stronghold on Ternate (dating back to 1512). It's better preserved than the town's two other benteng,…
National Park in Eastern Halmahera

Aketajawe-Lolobata National Park

Established in 2004, this national park is especially interesting for bird-watchers, who can spot rare kingfishers, goshawks and crows, as well as many other species. The park is also home to the 2000-odd semi-nomad…
Beach in Pulau Ternate


A couple of kilometres past Sulamadaha, a lane runs right off the highway down to the secluded stilted village of Jikomalamo. There are some small sandy coves here for swimming and snorkelling, although be careful o…
Volcano in Pulau Halmahera

Gunung Dukono

Despite being an active volcano that continues to belch ash and smoke, it's possible to climb the almost 1400m-high Dukono in six sweaty hours if you are fit. If you don't want to hike back the same day, you could c…
Lake in Pulau Ternate

Danau Tolire Besar

Beyond the village of Takome, a paved lane off the road climbs to the rim of Danau Tolire Besar. Startlingly sheer cliffs plummet down to the lugubriously green, crocodile-infested waters of this deep crater lake. L…
Fort in Soasio

Benteng Torre

No less spectacular than its nearby twin, Benteng Tahula, Torre was bult by the Spanish in the early 17th century. Broken lava flows, vivid tropical foliage and commanding views of southern approaches to the island …
Beach in Pulau Halmahera

Pantai Kupa Kupa

This attractive, part-shaded white-sand beach – popular on weekends with the locals – is good for swimming and there's reasonable snorkelling just offshore. There's an oil terminal at the far southern end of beach, …
Fort in Soasio

Benteng Tahula

A legacy of Spain's short-lived presence in Tidore, this early-17th-century fort is well preserved, with orderly market gardens within and spectacular views to Halmahera from the battlements. It's a steep climb to t…
Beach in Pulau Halmahera

Pantai Luari

This pretty, horseshoe-shaped bay about 13km north of Tobelo has a shady white-sand beach that's fine for swimming. There's decent snorkelling and diving off the cape here.