Must see attractions in North Maluku

  • B

    Benteng Tolukko

    A tiny, beautifully situated fort surrounded by a vivid tropical garden, Benteng Tolukko was the first Portuguese stronghold on Ternate (dating back to…

  • J


    A couple of kilometres past Sulamadaha, a lane runs right off the highway down to the secluded stilted village of Jikomalamo. There are some small sandy…

  • G

    Gunung Dukono

    Despite being an active volcano that continues to belch ash and smoke, it's possible to climb the almost 1400m-high Dukono in six sweaty hours if you are…

  • D

    Danau Tolire Besar

    Beyond the village of Takome, a paved lane off the road climbs to the rim of Danau Tolire Besar. Startlingly sheer cliffs plummet down to the lugubriously…

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    Pantai Kupa Kupa

    This attractive, part-shaded white-sand beach – popular on weekends with the locals – is good for swimming and there's reasonable snorkelling just…

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    Pantai Luari

    This pretty, horseshoe-shaped bay about 13km north of Tobelo has a shady white-sand beach that's fine for swimming. There's decent snorkelling and diving…

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    Pulau Maitara

    A three-minute speedboat hop from Rum, Pulau Maitara's clear waters are fine for snorkelling and swimming but watch out for the numerous sea urchins.

  • K


    Built in 1834 and restored in semi-colonial style, the Sultan’s Palace is technically a family home, although no one is in residence owing to a dispute…

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    Benteng Oranye

    Known to the Portuguese as Fort Malayo, the Dutch-built Benteng Oranye, which dates from the early 17th century, is a sprawling, largely ruinous complex…

  • M

    Majolica Ulama Indonesia

    It's hardly the Hagia Sophia, and the seaward minarets have been reclaimed by the sea (only the crumbled footings remain), but this concrete-and-tile…

  • S


    A slender black-sand beach with heavy swells and sadly ruined coral, Sulamadaha is a popular local hangout at weekends. There are fine views across to the…

  • D

    Danau Laguna

    Danau Laguna is a pleasant, spring-fed bowl lake with a lushly forested perimeter. When viewed from above (take the steep lane to the west of the lagoon),…

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    Benteng Kalamata

    The 1540 Benteng Kalamata is dramatically situated on the waterfront 1km southwest of Bastiong, staring down Ternate's old foe, Tidore. You can wander the…

  • R

    Royal Mosque

    On the 27th evening of Ramadan, Lailat-ul-Qadr celebrations see the sultan’s procession arrive to a mass of flaming torches at the Royal Mosque, which has…

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    Pulau Mare

    This small island south of Pulau Tidore is famed for its attractive, simple pottery. Speedboats to Pulau Mare can be chartered in Seli (100,000Rp).

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    Pantai Kajoli

    Down on Tidore's southern coast, slender and small Pantai Kajoli is the island's best strip of white sand.

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    Pantai Akasahu

    The beach itself isn't special, but the modest hot-spring pool here draws a crowd of locals.