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Money and costs

Indonesian Rupiahs (Rp)
Exchange Rates
Rates provided by Open Exchange Rates. Last updated April 04, 2019 2:25PM UTC
Daily Costs
Budget (up to)
  • Simple rooms: less than 200,000Rp
  • Cheap street meals: less than 40,000Rp
  • Local transport such as bemos: from 5000Rp
  • Double rooms with air-con: 300,000–800,000Rp
  • Cheap flights to shorten distances: from 500,000Rp
  • Guides and meals in restaurants, each 250,000–800,000Rp
Top end (more than)
  • Stay at resorts or boutique properties in remote places: more than 850,000Rp
  • Flights and cars with drivers to get around: 500,000–1,000,000Rp
  • Special tours for activities such as diving; top restaurants on Bali: more than 1,000,000Rp

ATMs and money changers are widespread across Indonesia's cities and tourist areas. In remote areas, ATMs don't always work and rates of exchange are often poor.


Tipping is not generally practised across much of Indonesia, but in popular tourist destinations like Bali a small gratuity for services – 5000Rp or 10% – is now expected.

Restaurants (Bali) 10% is the standard tip now.

Hotels Most midrange and all top-end hotels and restaurants add 21% to the bill for tax and service (known as ‘plus plus’).

Taxis, Massages & Porters A tip of 5000Rp to 10,000Rp is appreciated.