Wildlife, found mostly in the mountain forests, includes leopards, wild boars, monkeys, banteng, black giant squirrels, civets, reticulated pythons (the world’s longest snake) and Javanese eagles. You're sure to see a lot of monkeys, monitor lizards and hornbills – maybe even the rhinoceros hornbill, which emits a bark-like honk.

Trails are limited in the park and a guide (100,000Rp) is usually necessary. There are good coastal walks, but sadly there's quite a bit of trash around, on the beach and inland. For the really adventurous, it's possible to make a three-day traverse of the park on foot.

Rajegwesi, at the entrance to the park, is on a large bay with a sweeping beach and a fishing village. Past the park entrance the road climbs, giving expansive views over spectacular Teluk Hijau (Green Bay), with its cliffs and white-sand beach. A trail leads 1km from the road down to Teluk Hijau, or it is about a one-hour walk east from Mess Pantai.