Top Choice Southeast Asian in Medan

Merdeka Walk

Inspired by Singapore’s al fresco dining, this contemporary collection of outdoor eateries in Lapangan Merdeka offers everything from doughnut stalls to breezy sit-down restaurants serving grilled seafood and Malays…
International in Medan

Tip Top Restaurant

Only the prices have changed at this colonial-era relic. Medan's oldest restaurant dates to 1934 and is great for a taste of bygone imperialism with an array of Indonesian, Chinese and international dishes, but it’s…
Japanese in Medan

Sushi Tei

At the rear of Sun Plaza mall, this celebrated chain serves some of Medan’s best sushi as well as an extensive array of tonkatsu, tempura, yakitori, sashimi platters and bowls of udon. There are also outlets at Cent…
Noodles in Medan

Mie Tiong Sim Selat Panjang

On a little street packed with night food stalls, this bustling canteen is locally (and justifiably) famous for its mie tiong sim (soft, handmade noodles topped with sweet, flavourful char siu pork). The chicken noo…
Indonesian in Medan

Angel Cafe

The saving grace at the Pondok Wisata Angel, this bamboo lined cafe on one of Medan's busiest streets is worth popping into for a cold beer (25,000Rp) and a plate of gado gado or mie goreng after visiting the nearby…
Indian in Medan

Bollywood Food Centre

Locals are adamant that this tucked-away little place, which is more like someone’s front room with a family atmosphere to match, serves the most authentic North Indian cuisine in the city. There are several Malay-I…
Market in Medan

Pasar Ramai

The main fruit market is a profusion of colour and smells, and has an impressive selection of local and imported tropical fruit. It’s next to Thamrin Plaza.
International in Medan


Plush Traders is very much a high-society kind of place. It’s the perfect spot to blow your dining budget on sushi, lobster dishes or Australian Angus steaks; the restaurant is particularly known for expertly grilli…
Indonesian in Medan

Restoran Garuda

A venerable Medan institution for nearly 40 years, Restoran Garuda specialises in Minang dishes (similar to Padang cuisine), so you get to sample a variety of small, fiery, flavourful platefuls during the course of …