Medan restaurants

International in Medan

Tip Top Restaurant

One for nostalgia buffs, here at this colonial-era relic only the prices have changed. Medan's oldest restaurant dates to 1934 and is great for a taste of bygone imperialism, with its regal white-uniformed waiters s…
Street Food in Medan

Sibolang Durian

If you haven't tried durian, then stop by this 'aromatic' open-air eating establishment dedicated to the world's smelliest fruit. It's not just some random street vendor, this is a brightly lit neon 24-hour temple t…
Indonesian in Medan

Medan Vegetarian

No more food envy from vegetarians who miss out on those famous Padang dishes – here you'll get the full array of delicious mock beef rendang, satay chicken and coconut curries, and they nail the taste and texture. …
Cafe in Medan

The Thirty Six

With its polished concrete floors, low-hanging light bulbs and vertical garden this is one of Medan's more stylish hang-outs. It does the likes of white truffle fries, seafood mac 'n' cheese, buttermilk waffles and …
Indonesian in Medan

BPK Tesalonika

If you haven't had the chance to sample babi panggang Karo then head here to try this Karo Batak specialty. Comprising barbecue pork and an assortment of greens, spicy green chilli, rice, pork soup and pig blood, it…
Southeast Asian in Medan

Merdeka Walk

Inspired by Singapore’s alfresco dining, this contemporary collection of outdoor eating establishments in Lapangan Merdeka offers everything from doughnut stalls and fast-food chains to breezy sit-down restaurants s…
International in Medan


Plush Traders is very much an old fashioned, smoky, high-society kind of place. It’s the perfect spot to blow your dining budget on lobster dishes or expertly grilled Australian Angus steaks, or for more affordable …
Noodles in Medan

Mie Tiong Sim Selat Panjang

On a little street packed with night-time food stalls, this bustling canteen is locally (and justifiably) famous for its mie tiong sim (soft, handmade noodles topped with sweet, flavourful char siu pork). The chicke…
Indian in Medan

Cahaya Baru

Among the sari shops and tailors, Cahaya Baru is one of the better eating choices in Medan's gritty Little India. Choose from masala dosas, thalis, North Indian curries (both veg and non-veg) and grab a naan, cold b…
Indonesian in Medan

Soto Kesawan

A local institution that's been around for some 60 years, this hole-in-the-wall joint is always busy with folk digging into soto kesawan (coconut milk with prawns, chicken, potato and beef offal), a Medan specialty.