Mataram restaurants

Top Choice International in Mataram


Fine dining, Mataram-style, in a leafy creekside setting northeast of the centre. Dig into grilled whole snapper, Lombok duck or steamed mahi-mahi and wash it down with creative mocktails like Pin Pure (mint, ginger…
Seafood in Mataram

Ikan Bakar 99

Think squid, prawns, fish and crab, brushed with chilli sauce, perfectly grilled or fried, and drenched in spicy Padang or sticky sweet-and-sour sauce. You will eat among the Mataram families who fill the long table…
Indonesian in Mataram

Taliwang Irama 3

Excellent spicy Indonesian dishes lure in diners day in and day out. Eat in the plant-shaded courtyard or inside. As testament to the popularity, there are vendors out front. The chicken here seems even more tender …
Bakery in Mataram


Cakra's middle-class families adore this modern bakery. It does doughnuts, cookies and cakes as well as local wonton stuffed with chicken.