Top things to do in Manado

Top Choice Indonesian in Manado


Sparkling cleanliness and true hospitality that's matched by the kitchen shine in this delightful Minahasan restaurant. Go for the cakalang fufu (local smoked tuna), perhaps with sous rica tomat (tomato/chilli samba…
Top Choice Indonesian in Manado

Raja Sate

Rightly renowned for its sate (you can't go wrong with a mixed plate that includes prawns, squid, chicken, beef and goat), Raja Sate also does great curries and even New Zealand steaks; everything is excellent. Air-…
Chinese in Manado

Rumah Makan Green Garden

This popular Indo-Chinese restaurant does excellent pork dishes (try it barbecued or go for the pork belly) and seafood (perhaps crab, plucked live from the tank and served in corn soup, or grouper with salted musta…
Seafood in Manado

Tuna House

Of the ikan bakar huts stacked along this stretch of the waterfront – famous for their cheap dishes – Tuna House is our favourite. That's not to say the others aren't good, but they take it to the next level here. L…
Buddhist Temple in Manado

Kienteng Ban Hian Kong

The 19th-century Kienteng Ban Hian Kong is the oldest Buddhist temple in eastern Indonesia and it has been beautifully restored. The temple hosts a spectacular festival in February (dates vary according to the lunar…
Indonesian in Manado

Rumah Makan Raja Oci

This authentic rumah makan packs in the locals for its ikan oci (barbecued small fish), which are served with a spicy Minahasan sauce known as dabu-dabu (made of tomatoes, shallots and fresh chilli).
Museum in Manado

Public Museum of North Sulawesi

This museum features a large display of traditional costumes, and an exhibit illustrating traditional pottery-making. There are captions in English.
Club in Manado

Corner Club

Hosting DJs most nights, this thumping joint occupying the corner of Bahu Mall is the best place in town to get your groove on.
Cultural in Manado

Tai Pei Kong

Chinese festival held at Kienteng Ban Hian Kong Buddhist temple.
Cultural in Manado

Pengucapan Syukur

A harvest festival that can take place any time from June to August.