Mall in Kota Ambon

Plaza Ambon

Plaza Ambon is the city's cross between a proper shopping mall and old-school market. In addition to byzantine market stalls, it has the requisite fast-food choices, a Matahari store and a big Foodmart grocer for se…
Mall in Kota Ambon

Ambon City Center

Ambon City Center is actually in Passo, some way out of town. Still it's the biggest mall in Maluku, and the place to reconnect with your favourite brands or stock up on groceries at its enormous Hypermart.
Alcohol in Kota Ambon

Ud Inti

This tiny Chinese-run minimart is one of the few places in town where you can buy takeaway beer and even reasonably priced Indonesian-made whiskey.
Mall in Kota Ambon

Maluku City Mall

The most central of Kota Ambon's megamalls has a hypermart and fast-food outlets.
Mall in Kota Ternate

Jatiland Mall

The bustling new waterfront Jatiland Mall is not going to give Surabaya or Jakarta or even Medan mall envy. However, you can find cafes with wi-fi, a Graha Media bookshop, a Multi Mart outlet and even a gym, all in …
Department Store in Tual & Langgur


The only place resembling a supermarket in Langgur/Tual. Stock up on packaged food, cheap phones and clothes, and fruit at prices inverse to quality, compared to the streetside vendors everywhere.
Shopping Centre in Kota Ternate

Ternate Mall

A small, serviceable shopping centre with a supermarket, pharmacy and food and clothing outlets. One of the few places in Ternate to buy sunscreen and insect repellent.