Bus Station in Makassar

Terminal Daya

Departure station for long-haul buses to points north, including Rantepao. Kijang and pete-pete leave from the street out front for nearby destinations.
Airline in Makassar

Lion Air

Flies daily to and from Manado, Denpasar, Kendari, Gorontalo, Palu, Surabaya and Jakarta.
Bus Stop in Makassar

Airport Bus

Buses to the airport (one hour) leave from this stop on the hour between 7am and 5pm.
Bus Station in Makassar

Terminal Mallengkeri

Buses and Kijang for points south including Pantai Bira, and Bulukumba.
Bus Stop in Makassar

Makassar Mall

Pete-pete routes converge here for points around the city.
Ferry in Makassar

Pelabuhan Makassar

Makassar's main passenger port for Pelni and other ferries.
Taxi in Makassar

Bluebird Taxis

Bluebird runs reliable metered taxis throughout Makassar.
Bus Station in Makassar

Terminal Sungguminasa

Regular pete-pete service to Malino.
Airline in Makassar


Airline in Makassar

Sriwijaya Air