Makassar restaurants

Top Choice Soup in Makassar

Coto Nusantara

If you're looking to try the local beef soup of coto Makassar (you should be), you'll invariably be directed to this hole-in-the-wall near the dockyards. The tiny bowl fills out to a meal once you help yourself to a…
Top Choice Indonesian in Makassar

Rumah Makan Pate'ne

Serving up super-fresh Makassarese and Indonesian classics, Pate'ne offers fine value and authentic flavours. The lele goreng (deep-fried catfish with sambal, shredded green papaya, lemon basil and fresh veggies) an…
International in Makassar

Kampoeng Popsa

This large, open-sided food court facing the harbour has sea breezes, a hip young clientele, a gregarious vibe, space for kids to run around, and lots of choices, from mei titi (crispy noodles with gravy, chicken an…
Seafood in Makassar

RM Nelayan

It's tough to resist the aromas emanating from this highly popular restaurant's fish barbecue. Step inside and receive a selection of six condiments placed on your table. Fish and shrimp are offered in a variety of …
Seafood in Makassar

Lae Lae

A locally famous seafood restaurant, Lae Lae is a no-frills, no-fuss magnet for lovers of grilled fish. Enter past a smoking streetside barbecue, choose your piscine pleasure from deep tubs of super-fresh iced fish,…
International in Makassar


A stylish, atmospheric, air-conditioned bistro serving international standards that lean heavily toward pasta and pizza. It wouldn't survive long outside of Indonesia, but here it's a welcome break from rice and fis…
Hawker in Makassar

Fish Warungs

A string of makeshift fish warungs set up every night on the foreshore opposite Fort Rotterdam and south along the waterfront, serving some of the tastiest, cheapest seafood in town. Roaming buskers provide table-si…
Indonesian in Makassar


The Makassarese flock to this bustling soup joint selling a variety of bakso (meatball) creations. There are sea views of sorts, but not during the dinner rush.