Fort in Makassar

Fort Rotterdam

One of the best-preserved examples of Dutch military architecture in Indonesia, Fort Rotterdam was built on the site of a Gowanese fort, itself built to repel the Dutch East India Company. Having failed to keep out …
Museum in Makassar

Museum Negeri La Galigo

Spread across two buildings inside Fort Rotterdam, Museum Negeri La Galigo has an assortment of exhibits, including palaeolithic artefacts, rice bowls from Tana Toraja, Polynesian and Buddhist statues, musical instr…
Mosque in Makassar

Masjid Amirul Mukminin

Rising above the sea at the southern end of Pantai Losari, this futuristic twin-domed house of worship (constructed using concrete piles driven into the seabed) is known as the 'floating mosque'. Visitors of all fai…
Fort in Makassar

Benteng Sungguminasa

This ancient fort, once the seat of the Sultan of Gowa, is 12km south of Makassar town centre at Sungguminasa. The complex here includes examples of traditional Sulawesi architecture and houses the rather dilapidate…
Waterfront in Makassar

Pantai Losari

Pantai Losari is a kilometre-long promenade that stretches south to Masjid Amirul Mukminin, the 'floating mosque'. It's a good place to catch some sea air and mingle with snacking families.
Port in Makassar

Pelabuhan Paotere

Pelabuhan Paotere, 4km north of the city centre, is a large port where Bugis sailing ships berth. There's usually lots of activity on the dock and in the huge fish market a few streets south, which is one of Indones…
Tomb in Makassar

Makam Sultan Hasanuddin

Seven kilometres from town on the southeastern outskirts of Makassar, Makam Sultan Hasanuddin memorialises a 17th-century ruler of Gowa. Outside the tomb compound you'll find the Pelantikan Stone, on which the kings…