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Shore Excursions

Makassar Shore Excursion

Enjoy your Makassar Shore excursion to experience being in the port town of the brave seafarers. About 8 hours sightseeing takes you to Paotere wooden boat Harbour where Phinisi - the Bugis schooner anchor which still plays important role in inter-insular trading. Fort Rotterdam - the Makassar Gowa Kingdom old fort which was taken over by the Dutch during the colonial era is your next stop. Then take Pincara - the local wooden catamaran through Tallo river to visit Lakkang, the typical Makassar village. Your last place to visit is Leang - leang pre-historic cave where the thousand years old cave wall painting located.
8 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Toraja in 3 Days by Flight

Toraja is now accessible by flight. You first fly to Makassar/ Ujung Pandang (UPG) then take a 50 minutes flight by smaller plane to Lagaligo Airport in Palopo which is about two hours from Toraja. You save 7 hours drive from Makassar, to spend more time in Toraja for the same duration of visit.
3 days
Cultural & Theme Tours

Makassar Highlight

Makassar have been a busy port for centuries. Located in a strategic place in South Asian Waters, Makassar involved in Spice Trading from Molucas Island of known as Spice Island and also for the marine products. Makassar fishermen collect sea cucumber from far down in Australian now Northern Territory to be traded to China by the Makassar traders to China. Phinisi - the Bugis schooner are used since then which is now you can see them at Paotere Harbour of Makassar
3 days
Transfers & Ground Transport

One Way Airport Transfer Makassar

Arrival at Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport, meet and greet with our driver, then transfer to your hotel for check - in
30 minutes
Day Trips & Excursions

Full Day The Malino Highlands

Once the favourite hideaway for Dutch, colonial settlers, the Malino Highlands still attract visitors from around the region for a refreshing, relaxing break. Waterfalls and plantations aplenty, a natural retreat awaits within a short drive from Makassar.
7.5 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Half Day Karst Tour - Rammang Rammang Village

Karst Mountains and limestone cliffs form the décor of one of South Sulawesi’s landmarks. Visitors truly will be blessed with views beyond your wildest imagination when sailing from Rammang Rammang Village through this natural wonder outside Makassar.
7 hours
Tours & Sightseeing

Half Day Makassar City Tour

The Dutch clearly has left an historical mark on Makassar during its trading days. From Fort Rotterdam to the bustling harbour with its wooden Phinisi schooners, admiring Dutch architecture and mingling with the locals, Makassar packs a nice half day out.
3 hours