Shopping in Lombok

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Mataram

    Lombok Handicraft Centre

    At Sayang Sayang (2km north of Cakra), this centre offers a wide range of small shops; look for the arched sign over the narrow road that reads 'Handy Craft'. Browse crafts, including masks, textiles and ceramics from across Nusa Tenggara. This is a great place to stroll around.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Mataram

    Pasar Mandalika

    There are no tourists at this vast market near the Mandalika bus terminal in Bertais, but it has everything else: fruit and veggies, fish (fresh and dried), baskets full of colourful, aromatic spices and grains, freshly butchered beef, palm sugar, pungent bricks of shrimp paste and cheaper handicrafts than you will find anywhere else in west Lombok.

  • Shopping in Praya

    Dharma Setya

    Dharma Setya has an incredible array of handwoven Sasak textiles, including ikat (patterned textiles) and songket (hand woven silver or gold-threaded cloth). You'll need your own wheels to reach it on Jl Sukarara, just off the main Praya–Mataram highway.

  • Shopping in Gili Meno

    Art Shop Botol

    Art Shop Botol is a large handicrafts stall just south of Kontiki Meno hotel. Choose from masks, Sasak water baskets, wood carvings and gourds. It's run by an elderly shopkeeper with 11 children and countless grandchildren.

  • Shopping in Senggigi

    Asmara Collection

    A cut above the rest, this store, next to the namesake restaurant, has well-selected tribal art, including richly detailed carvings and textiles from Sumba and Flores.

  • Shopping in Mataram

    Lombok Epicentrum Mall

    With a cinema, food courts and the full spread of consumer pleasures, this four-floor mall is Lombok's biggest and fanciest.

  • Shopping in Gili Trawangan


    Forgot your favourite frock? Shop for flouncy beachwear at this stylish shop.

  • Shopping in Mataram

    Pasar Cakranegara

    Collection of quirky stalls, some of which sell good-quality ikat (traditional cloth), as well as an interesting food market. Think of it as a modern variation on a traditional market.

  • Shopping in Mataram

    Mataram Mall

    A multistorey shopping mall with a supermarket, department stores, electronics and clothes shops, and some international restaurants.