It's not possible to travel around Lombok by air.


Some hotels and guesthouses may have old bikes to rent, but these are only appropriate for pottering around locally, and shouldn't be considered long-distance options.


Regular public and private water transport serves all the major offshore destinations in Lombok. Bear in mind that safety standards can be quite cavalier, and it's not uncommon to ride on crowded ferries in quite high seas. However, services will be cancelled when seas are too rough, a particular feature of the rainy season.

Bus & Bemo (Minibus)

Mandalika Terminal is 3km east of central Mataram; other regional terminals are in Praya, Anyar and Pancor (near Selong). You may have to go via one or more of these terminals to get from one part of Lombok to another, although you can flag bemos from the roadside. Fixed fares should be displayed, and short trips start at 5000Rp. Public transport becomes scarce in the late afternoon and normally ceases after dark.


We cannot recommend using cidomo (traditional horse-drawn carts) due to the significant questions about the treatment of the horses. A small, wiry species of pony native to Lombok, they mainly appear skinny and broken-spirited.

Car & Motorcycle

It’s easy to hire a car in all the tourist areas (with/without driver per day from 600,000/350,000Rp). Motorbikes are also widely available from about 70,000Rp per day. Check your insurance arrangements carefully. Some agencies do not offer any coverage at all, and others offer only basic coverage. Even insured Balinese vehicles are often not covered in Lombok.

There’s little reason to bring a car or motorbike from Bali when you can avoid the ferry charges and easily rent your own wheels on Lombok.


Reliable metered taxis operated by Blue Bird Lombok Taksi are found in west Lombok. Motorbike ride-hailing app Go-Jek ( is useful for cheap short trips around Mataram and west Lombok.


Lombok has no rail network.