Lombok is largely mountainous, volcanic and rural, while the Gilis are tiny coral islands fringed with white sand.




Tropical Chic

Gunung Rinjani

A majestic volcano, Gunung Rinjani's very presence overshadows all of northern Lombok. Hiking trails sneak up Rinjani's astonishing caldera, where you'll find a shimmering crater lake, hot springs and a smoking mini-cone.

South Coast

Lombok's southern coastline is nature in the raw. There's absolutely nothing genteel about the magnificent shoreline, which is pounded by oceanic waves that make it a surfer's mecca. Empty beaches allow for exceptional swimming in cyan seas.


For total immersion in tropical chic, the Sire area offers some gorgeous resorts that combine a bamboo and thatched motif with pampering.

Gili Islands




Coral Reefs

The Gilis' coral reefs teem with fascinating sea life, and you're almost guaranteed to see turtles. There are dozens of dive shops ready and waiting with a wide array of courses, from beginner to technical and advanced.

Gili Air Beaches

Pack your sunscreen, mat, some water and a good book and head out in the morning to walk around Gili Air. Along the way stop at each and every beach that catches your fancy.

Gili Meno

We've all dreamed of finding the ultimate beach: a vision of palm trees, blinding white sands and a turquoise sea, plus a bamboo shack selling cool drinks and fresh fish. Yours might just be an obscure corner on Meno.