Top Events

Nyale February

Perang Topat November or December


The rainy season pours on and the islands take a breather after the Christmas and New Year’s high season.

Nyale Festival

The ritual harvesting of nyale (sea worms) takes place on Pantai Seger near Lombok's Kuta. The evening begins with poetry readings, continues with gamelan performances and carries on until the dawn, when the nyale start appearing. Can also be held in March.


The islands dry out after the rainy season, but things remain quiet on the visitor front.

Malean Sampi

Yoked cattle race over waterlogged earth in Narmada, near Mataram on Lombok, their jockeys clinging tight. It’s as dangerous and muddy as it sounds, though the welfare of the animals is questionable. Held early in the month.


Lombok dries out after the rainy season and even the arid southern coast is green.


Ramadan, the month of fasting, is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. During daylight hours, many restaurants are closed in the capital and in conservative east and south Lombok (excepting Kuta and surrounding beach towns). Foreigners eating, drinking (especially alcohol) and smoking in public may attract a negative reaction in these areas. In Senggigi, resort areas and most of north Lombok, cultural attitudes are far less strict.


With a great chance of dry and sunny days, large numbers of tourists flock to Lombok.

Indonesia Independence Day

Celebrated across Indonesia, 17 August marks the anniversary of Indonesia's independence from the Dutch in 1945. Legions of school kids march with great enthusiasm on Lombok's main roads. Traffic is snarled (as it is days before for rehearsals) and lots of fireworks are shot off.


It’s getting wetter, but not so wet that you can’t enjoy the islands to their fullest. Usually a quiet month crowd-wise.

Perang Topat

This ‘rice war’ on Lombok is fun. It takes place at Pura Lingsar just outside Mataram and involves a costumed parade, and Hindus and Wektu Telu pelting balls of ketupat (sticky rice) at each other. Can also be held in December.


Visitors rain on the Gilis ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays. Hotels and restaurants are booked out and everybody is busy.


Martial arts Lombok-style. Competitors, stripped to the waist, spar with rattan sticks and cowhide shields. The winner is the first to draw blood. It’s typically held in Mataram late in the month, though you can catch bouts on just about any major holiday.