Cultural in Kuta

Bau Nyale Festival

On the 19th day of the 10th month in the Sasak calendar (generally February or March), hundreds of Sasaks gather on Pantai Seger for big ceremonies and feasts involving stick fighting, live bands and the odd,...

Cultural in Lombok

Gendang Beleq

These 'big drum' performances were originally performed before battles. Today, many villages in central Lombok have a gendang battery, some with up to 40 drummers, who perform at festivals and ceremonies. The...

Religious in Lombok

Lebaran Topat

Held during the seven days after the end of the fasting month (Idul Fitri; Ramadan) in the Islamic calendar, Lebaran Topat is a Sasak ceremony thought to be unique to west Lombok. Relatives gather in cemeteries...

Cultural in Mataram


Martial arts, Lombok-style. Competitors, stripped to the waist, spar with rattan sticks and cowhide shields. The winner is the first to draw blood. It’s typically held in Mataram late in December, though you can...

Cultural in Mataram

Perang Topat

This ‘rice war’ on Lombok is fun. It takes place at Pura Lingsar just outside Mataram and involves a costumed parade, and Hindus and Wektu Telu pelting balls of ketupat (sticky rice) at each other. Can also be...

Cultural in Mataram

Malean Sampi

Yoked cattle race over waterlogged earth in Narmada, near Mataram, their jockeys clinging on tightly. It’s as dangerous and muddy as it sounds, though the welfare of the animals is questionable.