Mountain Hiking

Hiking trails in the Meratus combine forest, villages, rivers, suspension bridges and balai adat (community house) visits. One-day walks from Loksado reach a seemingly endless number of waterfalls, and range from moderate to billy-goating up the side of impossible slopes. A long history of shifting cultivation means it is a good five-hour walk to primary forest, but there's still plenty of picture-worthy scenery closer to town. For all but the closest destinations, a local guide is highly recommended. A popular multiday trek includes summiting 1901m Gunung Besar (aka Halau Halau, three to four days), the tallest mountain in the Meratus range and one of the few Kalimantan peaks with a view.

Be prepared for your particular route, read up on jungle hiking and don't be afraid to rein in your guide if the pace or terrain is beyond your skill level.

Bamboo Rafting

Being poled downriver on a narrow, hand-tied bamboo raft is the favourite activity in Loksado – guides and raft captains will seek you out on arrival and all accommodation places offer it. The standard trip is around two hours (300,000Rp for one or two people) from Loksado to the exit point, from where you return by ojek (15 minutes). There's a tea and snack stop halfway along the route, so take enough rupiah for a plate of pisang goreng (fried banana).

The experience ranges from relaxing to spirited, depending on water levels. After heavy rain the river swells and things can get risky, but the rafts will usually only go out in the right conditions.