Top things to do in Kuta

Top Choice Beach in Kuta

Pantai Mawan

How's this for a vision of sandy paradise? Some 8km west of Kuta and 600m off the main road, this half-moon cove is framed by soaring headlands with azure water and a swath of empty sand save a fishing village of a …
Top Choice Indonesian in Kuta

Nugget's Corner

For a restaurant that seems cool and casual, this one has real drive. The vegan, veggie and meaty mains are all prepared with attitude and authority. Flavours are bold and presentation is lovely. It's BYOB; the juic…
Cultural in Kuta

Nyale Festival

On the 19th day of the 10th month in the Sasak calendar (generally February or March), hundreds of Sasaks gather on the beach at Kuta, Lombok for a local version of poetry and big ceremonies and feasts involving the…
Beach in Kuta

Tanjung Aan

Some 5km east of Kuta, Tanjung Aan (aka A'an, Ann) is a spectacular sight: a giant horseshoe bay with two sweeping arcs of fine sand with the ends punctuated by waves crashing on the rocks. Swimming is good here, th…
Seafood in Kuta

Sea Salt

That a Scottish-owned, vaguely Greek seafood restaurant is one of Kuta's best speaks volumes for where the current dining scene here is at. Be fussed over by super-enthusiastic, barefoot staff in a small, arched din…
Seafood in Kuta

Warung Bule

Tucked away from the main thoroughfares, on a quiet stretch of Kuta beach, this friendly, spotlessly tiled warung is one of the best in town. The grilled barracuda with Sasak spices is fantastic, while the trio of l…
Bar in Kuta

Surfer's Bar

'No Shirt, No Shoes, No Worries!' proclaims the up-ended surfboard at the entrance to this beachside bar, giving some flavour of its laid-back party vibe. Coconut-thatch and palms shade tables wedged into the sandy …
Mediterranean in Kuta

El Bazar

A small cafe that's big on flavour. Pass by the flowers at the entrance and you'll be entranced by authentic tastes from around the Mediterranean. Hearty soups, salads, luscious aubergine, Moroccan tagines and more.
Indonesian in Kuta

Warung Flora

A total tropical fantasy in bamboo and thatch. Sit under a palm tree while you dine on fresh fish caught by a local fisherman. The chef is his wife and together they create beautiful meals.
Pizza in Kuta


A choice, relaxed spot for wood-fired thin-crust pizza in tiki-bar environs. And they deliver! Has lots of Indo standards, grilled seafood and an above-average list of veggie options.