From Kuta, you can easily go surfing, sailing, diving or rafting anywhere in the southern part of Bali and still be back for the start of happy hour at sunset.


The beach break called Halfway Kuta, offshore near the Hotel Istana Rama, is popular with novices. More challenging breaks can be found on the shifting sandbars off Legian, around the end of Jl Padma, and at Kuta Reef, 1km out to sea off Kuta Reef Beach.

Surf culture is huge in Kuta. Shops large and small sell megabrand surf gear and boards. Stalls on the side streets hire out surfboards (for a negotiable 50,000Rp per day) and bodyboards. They also repair dings and sell new and used boards. Some can arrange transport to nearby surfing spots. Used boards in good shape average US$200.