Top things to do in Kudus

Top Choice Tomb in Kudus

Sunan Kudus Tomb

From the courtyards behind the mesjid (mosque), a palm-lined path leads to the imposing tomb of the Muslim saint Sunan Kudus, shrouded behind a curtain of lace. The narrow doorway, draped with heavy gold-embroidered…
Top Choice Javanese in Kudus

Soto Bujatmi

This is the very best place to try the famed chicken soup of Kudus. Cooks stir up cauldrons of the brew over a log-fired oven and diners pack round simple tables decorated with jars of rice crackers. Soto kudus is s…
Mosque in Kudus

Mesjid Al-Manar

This beautiful old mosque, built in 1549 by Sunan Kudus, is famous for its red-brick menara (minaret). This minaret may have originally been the watchtower of a Hindu temple – the curiously squat form and flared sid…
Cafe in Kudus

Chocobean Kudus

This eye-catching cafe, decorated with giant cartoons, is a popular place for a juice or coffee in the evening. For those wanting to try durian without the anti-social effect of handling this obnoxious fruit, the ca…
Indonesian in Kudus

Sari Lembur Kuring

A large, pleasant restaurant complete with a koi pond, offering tasty Sundanese and Javanese food under a shady pagoda. It's popular with local families enjoying a night out.
Museum in Kudus

Kretek Museum

This lonely, shabby old compound has some exhibits on the history of kretek (clove cigarette) production, including some old photographs and machinery. Almost all explanations are in Bahasa Indonesia.