Top Choice Tomb in Kudus

Sunan Kudus Tomb

From the courtyards behind the mesjid (mosque), a palm-lined path leads to the imposing tomb of the Muslim saint Sunan Kudus, shrouded behind a curtain of lace. The narrow doorway, draped with heavy gold-embroidered…
Mosque in Kudus

Mesjid Al-Manar

This beautiful old mosque, built in 1549 by Sunan Kudus, is famous for its red-brick menara (minaret). This minaret may have originally been the watchtower of a Hindu temple – the curiously squat form and flared sid…
Museum in Kudus

Kretek Museum

This lonely, shabby old compound has some exhibits on the history of kretek (clove cigarette) production, including some old photographs and machinery. Almost all explanations are in Bahasa Indonesia.