Top Choice Seafood in Kota Ternate


Floridas is a locally famous seafood restaurant. Get yourself a balcony table with peerless views to Tidore and Maitara, and tuck into ikan woku balanga: fish steak roasted in kenari nut, chilli, lemongrass and othe…
Indonesian in Kota Ternate

Lauk Pauk

This looks like just another what-you-see-is-what-you-get rumah makan, but locals know it's one of the best. Multiple styles of ikan (perhaps woku – braised in a lemongrass paste – or kayu – sun-dried, Acehnese sty…
Indonesian in Kota Ternate

Rumah Makan Popeda Gamalama

This wonderful little market shack is the choice spot to try popeda in Ternate. An array of fish, stewed greens, mushrooms, pumpkin and sambals accompanies the mucilaginous sago-flour glue that is popeda. Leave your…
Indonesian in Kota Ternate

Kedai Mita

One of the best places in town to sample Malukan staples (alongside classic Indo fare), Kedai Mita is a covered, open-air eating house in the lee of Ternate's stadium. Try the ikan gohu (raw tuna 'cooked' in calaman…
Indonesian in Kota Ternate

Rumah Makan Joyo

Joyo has joyously bright decor (think mermaids and waterdragons) and is a joy to seafood lovers. Choose from the catch of the day, stashed in polystyrene coolers for your rummaging convenience. Udang and kepiting (p…
Indonesian in Kota Ternate

Bakso Lapangan Tembak Senayan

Vaguely Japanese in decor, this fan-cooled, brick-and-timber eating house specialises in bakso (meatballs) various ways, including fried or bobbing in clear soup. The other Indonesian staples – noodles, fried rice, …
Bakery in Kota Ternate

Golden Bakery

Bakes a decent selection of breads and pastries.