Top things to do

Top Choice Cafe in Kota Ambon


Ambonese stars of screen and song deck the walls of this sweet little open-fronted coffee shop and bar, which plays live Malukan and Hawaiian music while serving snacks such as koyabu (cassava cake), and lopis pulut…
Top Choice Indonesian in Kota Ambon

Beta Rumah

The Beta is the Alpha and Omega of real Ambonese food. Laid out in simple rumah makan style beneath a glass sneeze shield, you'll find local delicacies such as kohu-kohu, made with smoked skipjack tuna, green beans …
Top Choice Cemetery in Kota Ambon

Commonwealth War Cemetery

Known to locals as the 'Australian Cemetery', this trim and neatly manicured cemetery was designed by a British landscape architect in honour of Allied servicemen who died in Maluku and the Celebes in WWII. Adding p…
Indonesian in Kota Ambon

Rumah Makan Nifia

A superior pick-and-mix warung with alarming lime-and-orange decor and a devoted following. Dishes are fresh, rotate frequently, and include several varieties of roasted and baked fish, fried chicken, fried tempeh, …
Cafe in Kota Ambon

Kopi Tradisi Joas

There's a convivial murmur throughout this local institution, where bigwigs talk politics for hours over rich mocha-style ‘secret-recipe’ coffees and slices of deep-fried breadfruit (sukun goreng, 2000Rp).
Bakery in Kota Ambon


With its lovely Dutch-colonial windows, ample garden seating and central location, this bakery is a great place to start the day with fresh bread, pastries and decent coffee. There's a second branch on Jl Sam Ratula…
Seafood in Kota Ambon

Sari Gurih

More like a Western idea of a restaurant than is common in Maluku, Sari Gurih is nonetheless a great place to eat Malukan seafood. Ice-chests keep the catch fresh while the grill never stops.
Museum in Kota Ambon

Museum Siwalima

Ten minutes south of Kota Ambon, set in sloping landscaped gardens adorned with Japanese and Dutch cannon and a scowling statue of Pattimura, parang (machete) aloft, you'll find the modest Siwalima. The collection, …
Seafood in Kota Ambon

Ratu Gurih

Don't be fooled by the downmarket atmosphere: the ikan bakar (grilled fish) perfectly chargrilled by the coal-stoking chef, smothered in chilli and served alongside three tasty sambals – is fall-off-the-bone fresh. …
Mall in Kota Ambon

Plaza Ambon

Plaza Ambon is the city's cross between a proper shopping mall and old-school market. In addition to byzantine market stalls, it has the requisite fast-food choices, a Matahari store and a big Foodmart grocer for se…