Top Choice Indonesian in Kota Ambon

Beta Rumah

The Beta is the Alpha and Omega of real Ambonese food. Laid out in simple rumah makan style beneath a glass sneeze shield, you'll find local delicacies such as kohu-kohu, made with smoked skipjack tuna, green beans …
Indonesian in Kota Ambon

Rumah Makan Nifia

A superior pick-and-mix warung with alarming lime-and-orange decor and a devoted following. Dishes are fresh, rotate frequently, and include several varieties of roasted and baked fish, fried chicken, fried tempeh, …
Bakery in Kota Ambon


With its lovely Dutch-colonial windows, ample garden seating and central location, this bakery is a great place to start the day with fresh bread, pastries and decent coffee. There's a second branch on Jl Sam Ratula…
Seafood in Kota Ambon

Sari Gurih

More like a Western idea of a restaurant than is common in Maluku, Sari Gurih is nonetheless a great place to eat Malukan seafood. Ice-chests keep the catch fresh while the grill never stops.
Seafood in Kota Ambon

Ratu Gurih

Don't be fooled by the downmarket atmosphere: the ikan bakar (grilled fish) perfectly chargrilled by the coal-stoking chef, smothered in chilli and served alongside three tasty sambals – is fall-off-the-bone fresh. …
Seafood in Kota Ambon

Tantui Seafood

Sit inside on faintly silly, bow-wrapped chairs or out on the waterside terrace for generous portions of shrimp-rich nasi goreng or spicy squid (cumi bakar). A little out of town, but well situated on the bay.