Two Korowai villages that feature tall tree houses and often host tourists are Ngguari and Haiganop. These villages will demonstrate traditional activities, including sago harvesting, trap building, fish poisoning and sago worm (beetle grub) gathering. Although grubs are often eaten raw, the women also cook them over an open fire.

Feature: Harvesting Sago

Perhaps the most impressive endeavor of the Korowai (other than tree house building, of course) is that of sago harvesting. The laborious process begins with tribe members chopping down a large palm tree with a stone axe, then splitting open the core and beating it to a pulp with stone tools while entertaining themselves with traditional songs. Next, they send the material with river water through a natural filtration system (constructed entirely of palm tree parts), which separates a nutritious starch that can feed a family for weeks. The endeavor takes the better part of a day and is often undertaken mainly by women.