Outside of Town

Around Klungkung, there are dozens of small villages. Many specialise in various traditional crafts. The quiet village of Kamasan has several painting studios where artists specialise in traditional styles. It's about 2km south of Klungkung.

The road north of Semarapura climbs steeply into the hills via Bukit Jambal, which is understandably popular for its magnificent views. This road continues to Rendang and Pura Besakih.

East of Klungkung, the old main road dramatically crosses Sungai Unda (Unda River), then swings south towards Kusamba and the sea. Lava from the 1963 eruption of Gunung Agung destroyed villages here, but the lava flows are now overgrown.

Road to Tembuku

Travelling from the flatlands of the east up the slopes for Gunung Batur, Pura Besakih or even as part of a round-trip in combination with the Sideman road, you have several choices.

One of the best is the surfaced road that begins about 5km east of Gianyar on the main road to Klungkung. This runs north for about 12km to the village of Tembuku and is narrow, which keeps the truck count down. It also passes through a score of tiny, traditional villages. There are rice terrace and river valley views along its length.

You'll also see huge beams of yellow wood by the road. These are from jackfruit trees and are prized for their long-lasting qualities. They are used in temple construction.