There is only one hotel in town, and it is definitely not worthy of recommendation – stay in Sidemen, to the north, or down on the coast.


There are plenty of cheap eats on offer in and around the market, but no formal dining options.

Drinking & Nightlife

The closest nightlife options are in Padangbai, 17km east.

Other Features

Several workshops in Tihingan, a village enclave on Klungkung's western edge, are dedicated to producing gamelan instruments. Small foundries make the resonating bronze bars and bowl-shaped gongs, which are then carefully filed and polished until they produce the correct tone.

A few workshops with signs out front are good for visits. The often hot work is usually done very early in the morning when it's cool.

From Semarapura, head west along Jl Diponegoro and look for the signs.