Kerobokan restaurants

Top Choice Vietnamese in Kerobokan

Saigon Street

Modern, vibrant and packed, this Vietnamese restaurant lures in the buzzing masses with its swanky neon decor. Creative Vietnamese dishes include peppery betel leaves filled with slow-cooked octopus, and there's an …
Top Choice Seafood in Kerobokan


Seafood fresh from the famous Jimbaran market is the star at this elegant yet intimate, casual yet stylish restaurant. It's in a beautiful bamboo pavilion, with open-air tables overlooking a private sunflower garden…
Top Choice Indonesian in Kerobokan


On a Kerobokan backstreet, this casual restaurant serves well-nuanced versions of Indonesian dishes drawn from across the archipelago. Many are cooked over various types of charcoal, which vary depending on the orig…
Top Choice Indonesian in Kerobokan

Warung Sulawesi

Find a table in this quiet family compound and enjoy fresh Balinese and Indonesian food served in classic warung style. Choose a rice, then pick from a captivating array of dishes that are always at their peak at no…
Top Choice Balinese in Kerobokan

Warung Eny

The eponymous Eny cooks everything herself at this tiny open-front warung nearly hidden behind various potted plants. Look for the roadside sign that captures the vibe: 'The love cooking'. The seafood, such as large…
Fusion in Kerobokan


Housed in a 150-year-old teak joglo (traditional Javanese house), wildly popular Biku retains the timeless vibe of its predecessor. The menu combines Indonesian and other Asian with Western influences in a cuisine B…
Indonesian in Kerobokan

Merah Putih

Merah Putih means 'red and white', which are the colours of the Indonesian flag. That's perfect for this excellent restaurant, which celebrates food from across the archipelago. The short menu is divided between tra…
Seafood in Kerobokan

Warung Sobat

Set in a bungalow-style large open-sided brick space, this old-fashioned restaurant excels at fresh Balinese seafood with an Italian accent (lots of garlic!). Prices are extraordinary, as you can see from the value-…
Gelato in Kerobokan

Gusto Gelato & Coffee

Bali's best gelato is made fresh throughout the day, with unique flavours such as rich Oreo, surprising and delicious tamarind and kamangi (lemon basil). The classics are here as well. It gets mobbed in the afternoo…
Fusion in Kerobokan


Sarong is an elegant affair. The cuisine spans Asia, and its small plates are popular with those wishing to pace an evening and enjoy the commodious bar. No children allowed. Dine outside under the stars.