Top Choice Indonesian in Sungai Penuh

Korintji Heritage

Set up as a social enterprise to empower locals, this fantastic new cafe in Sungai Penuh is set inside an atmospheric bamboo building overlooking the town and valley. As well as tasty Indonesian dishes, highlights i…
Market in Sungai Penuh

Pasar Malam

The centrally located pasar malam (night market) is a terrific place to try local specialties, such as martabak (sweet pancake filled with coconut or banana), martabak mesir (square pancake filled with meat and vege…
Indonesian in Sungai Penuh

Minang Soto

At this busy Padang restaurant you'll be presented with scores of small, spicy dishes, such as the earthy rendang (beef coconut curry) and ayam (chicken) sambal. You’re only supposed to pay for the dishes you sample…
Indonesian in Sungai Penuh

Rumah Makan Dendeng Batokok

Carnivores shouldn't leave town without trying the regional specialty dendeng batokok (thinly sliced beef strips barbecued on charcoal), which is grilled street-side at this centrally located warung across from Hote…
Indonesian in Sungai Penuh

Pondok Juice Kayla

This humble little cafe is most notable for its roti martubuk (fried-egg-filled bread) and fresh juices, making it a great pit stop for breakfast or a quick snack.
Indonesian in Sungai Penuh


At this charming little restaurant in the backstreets of Sungai Penuh you can build your own meal from a choice of protein, vegetable and side; or otherwise go the usual nasi (rice) and mie goreng (fried noodles) op…