Kerinci Valley drinking and nightlife

Coffee in Kersik Tua

Shelter Coffee

This hip little cafe is an unexpected find along this dusty road, and makes a good place to sample local Kerinci beans. It does pour-over filter coffee as well as lattes etc, along with noodle and rice dishes. The y…
Coffee in Sungai Penuh

Roemah Kayo

A great spot to grab a quick coffee for the road is this 24-hour cafe that does V60 pour-overs and espresso using local beans. It shares space with Hotel Jaya Wisata in the centre of town.
Coffee in Sungai Penuh

Wiyuka Coffee

This excellent coffee shop gives Sungai Penuh a cool, urban touch. Here you can sample quality beans from all over Sumatra and beyond, and there’s local dishes (mains from 16,000Rp) and free wi-fi.