Top things to do in Kei Islands

Top Choice Beach in Pulau Kei Kecil

Pantai Ngurtavur

The most popular Instagram and selfie destination in the Kei Islands for domestic tourists, Pantai Ngurtavur is a stunning and slender strip of sand – supposedly the longest sandbar in Indonesia – emerging out of th…
Cultural in Pulau Kei Kecil

Meti Kei Festival

Held every October, Meti Kei festival celebrates a natural phenomenon where the tide recedes way off Kei Kecil for a few weeks a year, sometimes up to 5km or more offshore. The locals celebrate on Pasir Panjang and …
Seafood in Tual & Langgur

Warung Saraba

This local institution is a no-frills wooden hut perched above the water. The service isn't great, but you can't go wrong with the grilled or fried fish. Choose from the fresh catch (prices by weight). Look for the …
Indonesian in Tual & Langgur

RM Ayah

Reliable and tasty Padang-style rumah makan (eating house) where you can pick and choose from slices of spicy omelette, chilli-stewed aubergine, grilled fish, chicken and beef, potato patties, curries and greens. Th…
Beach in Southern Kei Kecil

Pantai Ohoidertutu

Down at the island's cape, you'll discover an absolutely magnificent sweep of powdery white sand known as Pantai Ohoidertutu. You'll likely have it all to yourself, unless it is a holiday or weekend.
Cave in Southern Kei Kecil

Goa Hawang Caves

Off the road to Letvuan are these striking limestone grottoes with luminous blue water that's great to swim in, plus resident bats and big spiders. The caves can get crowded at weekends.
Indonesian in Pasir Panjang


Pasir Panjang's only genuine restaurant is set back from the Ngur Bloat end of the beach. Unpretentious Evalin specialises in fish, grilled or fried, as well as chicken, rice and noodle dishes and breakfast. There's…
Beach in Pulau Kei Besar

Pantai Daftel

Southwest of Elat, a lane through palm fronds and bougainvillea leads 6km to Pantai Daftel, 1.8km of shallow and slender white-sand beach that stretches all the way to the village of Lerohoilim. An ojek from Elat to…
Department Store in Tual & Langgur


The biggest supermarket and department store (second floor) in Langgur. Stock up on packaged food, fruit, cheap clothes and phone accessories.