There are a number of hotels, lodgings and homestays scattered across Pulau Karimunjawa. The cheapest options are in the island's main town of Karimunjawa. Prices start at around 165,000Rp per person for a room with a fan and shared bathroom and climb to over 2,000,000Rp for private villas in some of the more exclusive retreats. As a general rule, the further flung hotels, tucked discreetly into their own bays, tend to be the more luxurious options.

Accommodation in Karimunjawa Islands

Accommodation is limited so it's important to book well in advance, particularly if staying over on a Saturday night or during peak holiday times. Many hotels offer package deals that include transport from Jepara or Semarang.

Other than on Pulau Karimunjawa, guests can stay on Pulau Menyawakan, where the Kura Kura Resort offers a luxury escape with sea-view cottages and private pools. The island is reached by the resort's own plane.