Top ChoiceMosque in Samarinda

Islamic Center

The western skyline of Samarinda is dominated by this must-see complex containing an ornate and colourful mosque with adjacent observation tower. The latter is the highest point in the city, offering panoramic...

Top ChoiceIndonesian in Samarinda

Waroeng Sambel Jogja

Serving eight very different varieties of sambal (salsa) designed to knock your socks off, this large complex opposite the riverfront is packed on weekends. The house speciality, the oniony sambel bawang Jogja,...

Seafood in Samarinda

Hary Crab

A unique local institution, these streetside outdoor benches set up in the evening and are generally packed with people who believe dinner should be a fully immersive affair. Wear your bib and check prices, which...

Club in Samarinda


Muse is the most sophisticated nightlife venue in central Samarinda, with several floors of karaoke, DJs and live bands, as well as a chilled rooftop lounge-bar called the Beer House.

Indonesian in Samarinda

Rumah Makan Amado

Widely regarded as serving the best soto Banjar in town, Amado is always busy. Cheap, cheerful and speedy service.

Bar in Samarinda

Dejavu Kitchen Bar & KTV

This complex contains a booming nightclub with lots of security, while a separate classy dinner restaurant is frequented by a hip and dressy crowd. The menu includes international cuisine plus a spectrum of...

International in Samarinda

Sari Pacific Restaurant

Features a selection of New Zealand steaks (from 110,000Rp) as well as burgers, chicken, fish and Japanese dishes. The house favourite, ikan patin bakar (grilled fish), is pure greasy deliciousness. Bonus: fried...

Market in Samarinda

Citra Niaga

This daily market contains several souvenir shops offering batik sarongs and Dayak carvings. Food stalls serve amplang (crunchy fishy puffs) and standard Indonesian fare.

Mosque in Samarinda

Masjid Shirathal Mustaqiem

Built in 1881 to tame a neighbourhood notorious for gambling and drinking, the mosque's four main pillars were reportedly set by a mysterious elderly woman while nobody was looking. The yellow ironwood minaret is...