Top Choice Indonesian in Balikpapan

Warung Soto Kuin Abduh

Soto Banjar (chicken soup seasoned with a delicate blend of spices including cinnamon) is naturally the dish of choice at this popular little warung, but you can also try satay chicken and nasi sop (soup with rice).…
Top Choice Indonesian in Kumai

Acil Laila

Don't let the displays of offal (hearts, livers, brains) throw you off: this place does a mean grilled chicken and a divine nasi bakar (seasoned rice wrapped in a banana leaf and charred to perfection).
Top Choice Indonesian in Berau

De Bunda Cafe

This fab little cafe-bakery serves Indonesian staples such as soto ayam along with unusual dishes such as roast duck. Good juices and cakes. Owner Ibu Ayu is well travelled and speaks English.
Top Choice Indonesian in Samarinda

Waroeng Sambel Jogja

Serving eight very different varieties of sambal (salsa) designed to knock your socks off, this large complex near the riverfront is packed on the weekends. Their house speciality, the onion-y sambel bawang Jogja, w…
Indonesian in Kumai

Rizky Akbar

This simple warung whips up excellent soto ayam (chicken soup), nasi goreng, fried fish and fresh fruit juices.
Indonesian in Pulau Derawan

Rumah Makan Nur

Nur's serves up tasty Indonesian favourites with creative twists such as shrimp and coconut aubergine with rice.
Indonesian in Banjarmasin

Pondok Bahari

Pull up some floor space near the fountain and sink your teeth into some ketupat, sticky rice cooked in woven banana-leaf packets. Locals recommend the rowon daging soup, a Banjar take on an east Java favourite. Pat…
Indonesian in Pontianak

Rumah Makan Betang

Located behind the replica betang (longhouse) this small warung (food stall) cooks up traditional Dayak fare including babi kecap, a dish made from sautéed pork and pig fat. Wash it down with a glass of tuak pulut, …
Indonesian in Pontianak

Mie Tiau Polo

Not to be confused with Apollo to the left, whose sign proudly states: 'Since 1968. Never moved.' Polo's sign retorts simply: 'Moved from next door.' The dispute is as legendary as the noodles they serve. Draw your …
Indonesian in Putussibau

Pondok Meranti

A big, blue, open warehouse full of polished wooden tables where a limited menu of Indonesian staples, drinks and juice is served. Try the 'extra jos susu' for an afternoon jolt of tachycardia.