Top Choice Seafood in Balikpapan

Ocean's Resto

An entire reef's worth of fish, steaks aplenty, plus burgers, pizza, and 14 types of fried rice all served above the surf. Ocean's anchors a row of cafes along the waterfront, and is (deservedly) the most popular. T…
Top Choice Dumpling in Pontianak

Chai Kue Siam A-Hin

Pork or veggies, steamed or fried – whichever you desire, you'll be waiting your turn among the mob of locals jockeying for a table or take away.
Top Choice Indonesian in Kumai

Acil Laila

Don't let the oodles of offal waiting to be skewered throw you off: this place does a mean grilled chicken and a divine nasi bakar (seasoned rice wrapped in a banana leaf and charred to perfection).
Top Choice Indonesian in Balikpapan

Soto Queen

We're not sure if they serve anything besides soto Banjar (chicken soup seasoned with a delicate blend of spices including cinnamon)…we've never felt the need to ask. You'll likely have to wait for a seat.
Top Choice Indonesian in Samarinda

Waroeng Sambel Jogja

Serving eight very different varieties of sambal (salsa) designed to knock your socks off, this large complex near the riverfront is packed on the weekends. Their house speciality, the onion-y sambel bawang Jogja, w…
Seafood in Banjarmasin

Cendrawasih Sarahai

Delve deeper into Banjar cuisine at this renowned spot (not to be confused with the mediocre other Cendrawasih, established next door to the right by a competitive relative.) Pick fish, seafood or chicken grilled to…
Indonesian in Banjarmasin

Said Abdullah

Locals say the nasi kuning (saffron rice) at this unassuming place is Banjarmasin's best. You can restock your supply of propolis and Tahitian Noni elixir while you're here.
International in Balikpapan


Dine among sculpted trees and thriving flowers in a tranquil courtyard in the middle of the city. Popular with locals and expats, mostly for its extensive homemade ice cream menu. A banana split will set you back 30…
International in Samarinda

Sari Pacific Restaurant

Features a selection of New Zealand steaks (120,000Rp) as well as burgers, chicken and fish – all in frustratingly small portions. The house favourite, Ikan Patin bakar (grilled fish), is pure greasy deliciousness. …
Supermarket in Samarinda

Hero Supermarket

Good place to stock up on snacks before heading upriver.