Indonesian in Banjarmasin

Pondok Bahari

Pull up some floor space near the fountain and sink your teeth into some ketupat (sticky rice cooked in woven banana-leaf packets). Locals recommend the rowon daging soup, a Banjar take on an east Java favourite....

Seafood in Banjarmasin

Cendrawasih Sarahai

Delve deeper into Banjar cuisine at this renowned seafood spot where the catch is displayed in the window. Choose fish, seafood – massive prawns – or chicken grilled to order.

Indonesian in Banjarmasin

Soto Banjar Bang Amat

This is the best known soto Banjar place in town and is consequently a bit touristy. It's a simple-enough place, with plastic chairs and open sides, but the location on Sungai Martapura is fine and the food,...