House in Putussibau

Betang Buana Tengah

Built in 1864, this betang is home to Tamambaloh Apalin Dayak. Debate over whether it is the oldest longhouse in the region (if not Kalimantan) abruptly ended in 2014, when neighbouring contender Betang Uluk Palin t…
House in Putussibau

Betang Sadap

Not the oldest, nor the most picturesque, but perhaps the most welcoming longhouse community. An ecotourism effort spearheaded by Januar, an Iban Matthew Broderick lookalike, will have you angling for prize-winning …
House in Putussibau

Melapi 1

The Taman Dayak longhouses of Melapi 1 to 5 stretch along the Kapuas upriver of Putussibau. As per usual, the sequels don't quite live up to the original. To find Melapi 1, borrow bicycles or a motorbike and head 10…
Notable Building in Pontianak

Kapuas Indah Building

Speedboats to Sukadana leave from behind this landmark building containing a chaotic market.